A Light in a Dark World


Hilltop Light Ministries is Children focused and Christ Centered. 100% of Proceeds go to funding a privately ran orphanage in India and other various small projects in 3rd World Countries with a primary focus in West Africa including but not limited to: Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, and Kenya. This orphanage’s primary focus is to pull children who have been victims of sex trafficking off of the streets and to provide food, shelter and clothing to them. 



Our Vision is to impact our future generations in developing parts of the world. We believe that the impact even a few blankets can make in a child’s life is everlasting. Our hope and prayer is that our impact can create hope for these children that would otherwise be left out on the streets to fend for themselves. Our Vision is to expand to more orphanages across India and the world. We can not do that, however, without your love, prayers and support! Join us in our Mission and Vision to change the lives of these children forever!

Executive Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer – Pamela D. Stuart M.Ed, NBCT
International Executive Director – Bishop Kwacha Patricia C. Davis
Board Member Pamela Villemaire
Board Member Ronald L. Davis

International Executive Board

Bishop Paul Nya-Togo, West Africa
Mrs. Veronica Sigalo-Nigeria, West Africa
Rev. Dr. Kepha Omae-Kenya, East Africa
Evangelist Charlotte Buniziguye-Congo, Rwanda, Central Africa
Apostle Trice Schumbo – Tanzania East Africa
Mrs. Kareedi Evangeline Ashok – India